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What happens if I received a product I didn’t buy?

We are truly sorry that you did not receive your order. Please contact us immediately at so that we can follow up on the case.

We kindly ask you to send us your purchase information and confirmation number.

How can I get an invoice for my order?

All invoices must be requested within the month of purchase at

You can request an invoice until the last working day of each month before midnight. 

For international purchases, invoices will be made by a national trade name, so sales don’t generate VAT.   


What happens if I don’t recognize a charge that was made to my account?

If you don’t recognize a charge, you must consider that Kipit is a Girl Happen brand, so your bank receipt will show SAPI de CV’s trade name. 

We also recommend checking if a family member made a purchase using your credit card or using the credit cards associated to your account.


At what time of the day will I receive my product?

Empaquetamos los productos con material resistente You can receive your products from Monday thru Friday, from 9:00 to 20:00 hrs.  y los colocamos en cajas o bolsas para su traslado. Adicional a ello les colocamos etiquetas y guías de embarque. Tú no deberás preocuparte por nada porque recibirás la confirmación por parte de nosotras desde el momento en que sale tu pedido.

What happens if I wrote the wrong shipping address?

In case your address does not exist, or the logistics company doesn’t find it, the product will return to the place of origin and it will be shipped again. We remind you that the client must cover the shipping cost. 

What happens if I want to change the shipping address after the purchase is made?

Hay que tomar en cuenta que las empresas de logística pueden tardar en entregFor us it’s not easy to change an address because the products are shipped on the same day the purchase is made, so we ask you to contact us as soon as possible to see if the shipment has not already left our un paquete hasta 5 días hábiles después de que se los entreguemos.

How can I receive information about my purchase if I wrote the wrong e-mail?

En cuanto sale el producto de nuestra oficina, te enviaremos un correo con la información del tránsito de tu compYou must let us know immediately so that we make the corresponding changes.  ra, y además podrás tener un seguimiento en todo momento para ubicarlo.

Lo que si te pediremos es estar súper atent@ de tu correo electrónico porque esa será nuestra vía de comunicación. Si no recibiste la información correspondiente, ve a tu bandeja de correos no deseados para revisar que no se haya traspapelado el correo. En caso de no encontrarlo, por favor comunícate con nosotras y contáctanos en para dar seguimiento.

What happens if I won’t be found in the shipping address for a long period of time?  

For international shipments and those made in Mexico and the United States two or three delivery attempts will be made at the specified address. If delivery fails, the product will be returned to the place of origin. We cannot keep products because they are always in transit. 

If you wish to make a new shipment, we can send a new shipment request that must be paid by the client. If it’s not approved, it will be cancelled.  

What is a failed delivery?

When we don’t find you at the established address after three delivery attempts, when someone does not accept the product, when someone denies they know the sender, if the delivery address is incorrect or if the delivery is made at a location that doesn’t accept deliveries. 


How can I cancel an order?

Use this text to answer questions in as much detaIn this case you must contact us as soon as possible at because sometimes we can’t cancel orders given that they are shipped as soon as we receive them. il as possible for your customers.

What happens if I want to return a product that I purchased in monthly payments?  

The product must be fully paid and it must be sent to our offices up to 14 working days after the purchase. Please check our terms and conditions policy. 

Can I request a refund to be made to another bank account? 

Girl Happen and Kipit are not financial institutions, so they’re not responsible for bank or financial operations. Any reimbursement will be made to the account from which the purchase was made.  

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